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I really want know what you think.
I  would really appreciate if you filled out this 25 question survey
(answer as many questions as you like).
Thanks Again.
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Tell us about yourself

What is your name?

Was LeanHemp the first hemp protein you tried?

Do you currently  have any food or supplement subscriptions? Beer club, Dietary Foods, etc.? What are they?

Which meal(s) are you most likely replace with "Meal Replacement" shake?

Do you currently have a shake/smoothie for breakfast? If not when do you typically have them?

Taste Test

What did you think about the taste of the FitHemp, how would you improve it?

Which flavor of FitHemp did you prefer?

Should that flavor be made stronger or weaker (More less chocolate/ peanut butter)?

What type of liquid did you mix with the FitHemp?

How would you feel about a small amount of Stevia or another natural sweetener being mixed into FitHemp?

Help Me Sell This

Who do you think are my top 3 customers?

To grow my customer base do you think my focus should be on getting this product into Natural Food & Fitness  stores or expand my online presence?

What do you think is the best social media channel to uses to reach that audience?

What are your thoughts on the proposed pricing of the product? How do they compare to similar product you use?

Would you be interested in promoting FitHemp, if a launch an incentive program?

Do you have any thoughts on FitHemp doing a KickStarter Campaign?


Do you like the ShakerJar more with or without the Koozie?

Should I continue to use the "Villon" Koozies or make my own

Do you care if the jar is green or clear?

Do you prefer using the ShakerJar vs. a Blender for FitHemp?

Should the back label (with the nutrition info) be on a white (like it is now) or brown (like the front) lable?

What do you think about the logo, What can be improved about the Logo?

Do you believe the logo is equally attractive to men and women?If not, how would you imagine a female version of the logo looking like?

Do you know anyone that you think would like to hear about FitHemp or anyone in the nutrition/supplement field that you think I would like to meet?

In general, what is one thing you like about FitHemp? and what is one thing that can be improved?(Please be honset, I will not be offended).

Thanks for your time and feedback.
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